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En últimos días los trabajos se han intensificado en los diversos frentes para estar a tiempo en la inauguración de la feria municipal Tenosique 2013 misma que esta programada del 12 al 16 de septiembre, y es que al decir verdad tanto los organizadores del municipio como los de la ganadera local trabaja jornadas completas para cumplir con los preparativos y desde luego el día de la inauguración todo este listo.

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El Centro de Convenciones que será la sede de la magna feria municipal Tenosique 2013 esta siendo remozado en todo su infraestructura, al menos este día en un recorrido se constató las brigadas de trabajadores de los diversos departamentos realizando intensas jornadas, trabajadores de limpieza, de bacheo, eléctricos, pintores, jardineros, en fin, todos con la determinación de hacer lo mejor y que este lugar luzca bien.

Desde tempranas horas han comenzado a llegar los primeros puestos de feria que se instalaran en este lugar, el centro de convenciones volverá a ser la sede de la feria municipal en tanto que la finca petunia será la sede de la exposición ganadera en donde también se agenda múltiples eventos durante la feria de Tenosique.

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Del 12 al 16 de Septiembre, propios y extraños, chicos y grandes, estarán ocupados en la fiesta grande del fronterizo municipio misma que se junta con las fiestas patrias por lo que la perla de los ríos se prepara para celebrar su fiesta anual con múltiples eventos musicales, artisicos, artesanal, deportivo, cultural y religioso.

At the outbreak of WW1 the farm is in financial difficulty

sad letter day in india’s history

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Subtract an hour more or less? Also

«This means that the lower death rate for the G20 wasn due to chance,» Lund says. A more extreme example involves midsize four wheel drive SUVs. The Toyota 4Runner had only 12 driver deaths per million registered years during 2000 03. I think we too used to the immense power of Vox Machina. Beyond them, the most powerful magical people we ran into were Gilmore and Allura and as far as I know, the highest level spell Gilmore or Allura ever cast was level 7 (meaning they at least 13th level, but probably not 15th where you get 8th level spells), and that was teleport. Beyond that swimsuits, as far as I can remember, the only spells cast at higher levels than that were by magical entities like dragons or deities..

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Right from the start, Dash resolved the issues of consensus

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22 that the one in place was unconstitutional

First person that I ever had when I was away from my parents as a father figure was coach Sherman, Manziel said. Excited to be back around him. It exactly what I need in this time in my life. So that’s when I asked Dad, can’t we build something? We went to Home Depot, not exactly sure what to get. But we knew the guide had to be something that if hit wouldn’t cause damage the car. What we came up with cost under $10, and my dad, who is not very handy, managed to get it installed in less than an hour.

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