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Becoming a media sensation is weird Canada Goose sale , no matter how brief your moment is. One minute you’re no one, and the next minute you’re still no one, except a bunch of people talked about you on television for a whole day. Sometimes it’s much longer than a day, sometimes it’s your whole life (here’s looking at you Britney Spears), but even one day is mind-bogglingly strange. It’s easy to get confused. Remember, you’re still no one, but all of a sudden people want to hear what you have to say. Who are you and what do you stand for? That’s the basis of every interview, so you better figure it out really quickly. – Continue Reading BelowI’m lucky that I’m a loud mouth, and most of the time I have too much to say. But that becomes a problem, too. When you really have a message you want to drive home, it’s hard to let go of those 15 minutes. You have to make sure all your answers are thought out carefully, because those opportunities are precious and not to be squandered. For me, this feeling was amplified by the amount of direct feedback I was receiving: emails, Instagram comments, even messages sent from my boyfriend’s co-workers, relayed in tired but excited tones after a long day of work. «Someone is listening to you!» I thought. Is it possible that I could really, truly «make a difference»? Working in fashion in New York City, it’s easy to live your life in somewhat of a bubble. You never really see the direct impact you have on consumers. You just get up in the morning, head to a studio, do your job, and go home. You kiss your boyfriend, you clean your toilet, you walk your dog. Sometimes you go to the store and take pictures of yourself next to a much larger picture of yourself. Sometimes you’re paging through a magazine and surprise! There you are. Those moments are special and exciting, but unless you are supermodel status, your inbox isn’t receiving daily missives touting your effect on the psyche of American girls. No one is telling you «Hey, I saw that photo of you and it made me feel this way about myself.» So it was eye opening when I started to receive these messages. It made me realize that we carry much greater responsibility than I had previously believed. I talked to Leah Chernikoff (the editor and HBIC of about this during our last interview. I told her that I felt like we owed more to our girls. If listening to me talk about my struggles has helped some ladies out there find their own kind of empowerment, what would it be like if we talked to a wide range of awesome and powerful women? And not just about their struggles, but about their triumphs! About what inspires them, what makes them feel confident. Their relationships with themselves, their bodies, the world around them. I want to create some transparency in the fashion industry and humanize the women that work within it. Here’s some transparency to start: At the casting for my Calvin Klein job, I was looking around at all the girls and they were a size 0 and I felt like a giant. It’s really exciting to go up for jobs where they’re not just casting plus size girls, but it feels really scary. I think people have misconceptions about models, that we’re somehow not self-conscious anymore because we’re «models.» But it never goes away. Even though I love my body, when I’m in a room with people who are half my size, it makes me feel like something’s wrong with me. Of course, I then remember that these girls are just like me. They’re insecure too. I turn to humor amigosdecontreras , and I try to repeat positive mantras in my head. – Continue Reading BelowMy point is this: We all feel insecure sometimes. So let’s talk! About stuff! Because Leah gave me a column and I intend to write the sh*t out of it. Let’s create a dialogue. I want to hear from you about what you want to know, how fashion is making you feel, and what women you’d like to hear more from. Email me at and let me know what you think.

Girl on Girl: Introducing Model Myla DalBesio's Column for

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‘And I thought to myself while I’m in the middle of doing that

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