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As the name suggests, project based instruction in high school is successful when authentic and concrete projects are made by the students. These projects resulted from the driving questions that the students themselves formulate and intended to investigate. In this particular method, the teachers provide the students with the basic concepts and skills which will serve as their guide in undertaking a task.

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One is an inflation adjustment of 2.32%, equal to the then trailing 12 month increase in the cost of living. The other component is the real coupon, which stays constant at 2.17%. This is a non callable bond. The Great Filter, however, usually refers to something that prevents advanced civilizations from taking the next big step into the cosmos; something like environmental degradation, nuclear war, disease, etc. Whether we passed it, or if it still lies ahead of us, is the big question. If it the former, it then bleeds into the We Rare solution, which is what you describing.

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